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Psychic readings

Take a look at your past, present & future.

A psychic reading advises you on many different things going on in your life and in the lives of those that are around you. This reading will allow you to evaluate where you are now in your life and where you are going in your future.

Receive insights concerning your love life, career, family and finances. My psychic readings are accurate and able to answer complicated questions and advise you on your future decisions.

For this service all that is needed is your full name, birth date and voice communication, that will provide the energy for your reading. Please book your appointment below or email me for more information on this service.

  Cost: $50.00

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aura cleansing

Your day-to-day dealings with people affect your aura and the light that you project as a spiritual being.

There are 7 layers in the aura. Each one is associated with a particular chakra. Cleansing the aura removes dead particles of energy from the different layers, allowing you to feel more vibrant and be received by others more positively. Over time we pick up other peoples energy & emotions, which can be either positive or negative.

If you are feeling drained or unmotivated to enjoy life, this service is recommended for you. To ensure you are shining YOUR light as bright as it can be, an aura cleansing is essential.

  Cost: $125.00

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Healing meditation

Using healing meditations will allow you to break free from those situations that are not allowing you to grow and move forward in your life. This meditation helps you heal from your past hurts, from losing a loved one or broken hearts.

Usually a series of meditations are needed to fully release & revitalize your energy. Once completed you will feel renewed and restore your inner peace.

  Cost: $75.00

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| *Skype sessions available

YOur spiritual advisory appointment.

Once a reading or advisory service has begun the service payment is non-refundable. An initial consultation is provided to ensure all parties are aware of the work that will be done prior to the beginning of services. If you have any questions about your payment, please be sure to consult with Mary in advance or prior to your session.